Rob Jacomen

WSMT Insurance, Inc.
1614 E. Churchville Road
BelAir MD,
As a Business Owner or C-Level Executive, are you looking to... * Increase profits and shareholder value? * Drive revenue and bottom-line performance? * Reduce your overall insurance expense and transform your "sunk costs" into a profit center for your business? * Minimize risk without compromising the protection of all your most vital assets? * Have a trusted Risk Manager on your team 24/7 without increasing your payroll? We believe you should be expecting (in fact, demanding) so much more from your insurance broker than just simply placing or renewing your commercial insurance policies. As a trusted partner in (PRO-actively) managing risk for businesses, we help clients achieve their goals by developing innovative strategies and implementing solutions through a very unique consultative risk management process and approach. The primary goal of this unique process is to produce MEASURABLE results and financial performance outcomes that go far beyond the traditional insurance industry "standard". We help to transform our clients' businesses, better protect their assets, reduce risk and to uncover "hidden" opportunities to not only lower their insurance expense, but also turn this traditionally "sunk cost" into a profit center for their businesses. Mission & Values We are committed to providing our clients with more than just an insurance policy. Through customized risk management solutions, client education and ELITE service, we go beyond the sale to offer a 365-day approach to insurance. WSMT Insurance is founded on the following core values that have given us staying power throughout the decades: * Provide elite service to our clients * Build solid client relationships * Protect client assets with superior products * Secure the best markets and products available in the market place * Provide the best staff available through ongoing education and experience * Educate our clients on risk exposures through personal counseling * Always act with integrity and uphold the highest ethical standards * Service will never be compromised by sales * Sales will never by compromised by service * Give back to the community through support of local charities
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