Lunch-N-Learn – The Appraisal Challenge

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Date(s) - 12/10/2014
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Towson Chamber of Commerce

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This event is designed to enlighten the guests and raise awareness about jewelry and gem stone retail values and replacement costs in an entertaining and fun way.

The guests are expected to experience the painful but true fact that, in spite of their love of jewelry, their experience with jewelry, or their depth of knowledge and education about jewelry, they might not know all there is to know. The goal of this fun exercise is to reinforce the wisdom of relying upon a trained expert to help protect their important pieces and the importance and wisdom of insuring these family heirlooms with professionally produced insurance appraisals.

The Appraisal Challenge will be conducted by a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) trained representative from Nelson Coleman Jewelers, an AGS (American Gem Society) Certified Jeweler.

Nelson Coleman Jewelers is a sixth generation, family owned and operated retail jeweler located on Joppa Road in Towson, member of Jewelers of America’s 100 Year Club, celebrating their 158th year in continuous operation.


Here’s how it works:

Nelson Coleman will bring 10 different jewelry items without any price, identification, or description, for the guests to examine. Each item will have a numbered string tag attached. The jewelry will range from costume pieces, antique pieces, and important pieces; diamonds, cubic zirconium, natural and lab grown gems, and everything in between.

Nelson Coleman will also provide forms for the guests to fill out for each item with space to write the item number, description, and value. We will also provide pens for the guests to write with.


Each guest will be asked to attempt to describe and evaluate each piece of jewelry.

The jewelry items and forms will be distributed throughout the room for the guests to start their examination at the beginning of the presentation.

The goal is for each guest to have the opportunity to examine, describe, and evaluate all of the jewelry pieces provided by the end of the presentation.


While the jewelry items are being circulated amongst the guests, Nelson Coleman’s representative will give a talk on current events in the jewelry industry. We will touch on subjects like the care and treatment of your jewelry, gem stone enhancements, lab grown gems, the state of the art in jewelry design,  and the social, political, and environmental issues facing the jewelry industry today including Conflict Diamonds and the industry’s and United Nation’s efforts to address these important issues.


Nelson Coleman’s presentation will be tailored to conclude in plenty of time to review each piece of jewelry circulated with the guests. Our presenter will solicit volunteers to tell us what their opinion is about each piece.


The guests will enjoy examining this jewelry and they will be amazed at how difficult it might be to determine genuine or natural from manmade and the different values. The guests will also be amazed and entertained by the different opinions about each piece. Nobody will be embarrassed; everyone will have fun and be enlightened.


At the conclusion, Nelson Coleman will collect each sheet and place them in a bag. One sheet will be drawn and that guest will be the winner of a free 3 item insurance appraisal, a $205 value at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. Each attendee will also receive literature from the American Gem Society about the care and treatment of his/her jewelry and about the importance of protecting and insuring jewelry.



At the conclusion of this event Nelson Coleman’s representative will describe a list of the various types of jewelry appraisals, the proper jewelry appraisal environment, a list of the tools required or used by a certified or qualified jewelry appraiser, the normal time it takes to do a proper jewelry appraisal, and the credentials and/or experience required for a proper jewelry appraisal. Unfortunately, Nelson Coleman Jewelers’ representative will not be able to do any “on the spot” or “verbal” appraisals during or after this event. Our representative can tell a guest if a formal appraisal is recommended if shown a piece of jewelry.

We have provided a copy of the form used by the guests to attempt their descriptions and values. It includes space to provide their name, address, phone, and email. The guests are not required to provide this information. Without this information, the guests will unfortunately be unable to participate in the drawing for the free appraisal.

Events like this are Nelson Coleman’s opportunity to meet new potential customers. This information is kept confidential and never shared with anyone. The guest will receive a brief note from us thanking them for participating.

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