The Flower Boxes in Towson get a Makeover!

The Towson Chamber of Commerce, working with The Towson Creative Partnership, is pleased to announce that many of the flower boxes around Towson have received a makeover.   Seven artists were chosen and they started their projects on Sunday, July 26th at 9am. We want to thank Deirdre Akins owner of Triple Crown Tattoos Studio and Art Gallery for all of her help with the project. She serves as the chairperson of the Towson Mural Committee.  Her contributions are greatly appreciated.

This project was made possible because of a $50,000 Community Legacy Grant from the State of Maryland and support from Baltimore County Government.

The majority of the Community Legacy Grant will be going towards a $35,000 mural on the York Road side of the Baltimore County Public Library. There were over 42 submissions from artists from all over the county and we are in the final stage of selecting the artist.  Once the agreement is finalized, we will send out a press release about our artist and the distinguish panel of judges that worked on the committee.  The Towson Mural Committee has worked hard over the last several months selecting the best muralist considering the architecture of the Towson Library.  The mural will be starting in August and we feel confident it will become a cultural landmark in Towson that people from all over will enjoy.

The BGE power boxes around Towson are also set to be painted in August as well.


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