TU Student Blog: My Experience at Towson University

In the spring semester, students from Carol Norton’s Leadership in Communication class at Towson University join the Towson Chamber to assist us with the planning and promotion of our events and the chamber. This year, we wanted to give the students a voice, as growing leaders in our community. Each week, we will feature a blog from one of the students that will highlight Towson, their time at the University, their career path, or general interests.

My Experience at Towson University: Mary Lowry

My experience at Towson University has been much longer than I ever anticipated. I began my college experience at the Baltimore County Community College in 2011. I earned my Associates degree, and immediately applied to TU. Upon my acceptance to Towson I moved into my first apartment where I lived with my best friend. Given that this was my first “real” college experience, we used every chance that we had to celebrate. The fun that I was having caught up with me after about three semesters when I came to the decision with my parents that it was probably time that I move home and take some time off of school to re-focus myself.

The plan was always for me to take a semester off and go back to Towson with a clear mind, and more drive. Unfortunately, time really got away from me and before I knew it, two years had passed. I remember the day that I got a letter from TU which stated that I was put on academic warning, and in order to enroll in classes again I would have to reapply and earn A and B grades to remain in good standings with the university. This seemed impossible to me because in the three semesters I had previously spent at Towson, I did worse than any other semester I had spent in school… ever.

With the push of my family and friends I decided it was time to reapply to Towson with all fingers crossed. I was positive that they wouldn’t take me back given my previous performance, so when I got a letter of acceptance in the mail I was literally jumping for joy. I knew that this time around would be different, I’m 25 now and have grown as a woman and individual so much since my first go-round. Fall 2017 semester was my first back in two years and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared out of my mind. I met a few amazing friends, who will be in my life forever who pushed me to do and be my best. With the help of them and my family, I earned the A’s and B’s that I needed to keep my place at Towson University. I am so grateful for those two friends, and my family for standing by me and helping me achieve my goals at Towson. I will graduate Spring 2019 and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


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