TU Student Blog: Inside the Towson Chamber

In the spring semester, students from Carol Norton’s Leadership in Communication class at Towson University join the Towson Chamber to assist us with the planning and promotion of our events and the chamber. This year, we wanted to give the students a voice, as growing leaders in our community. Each week, we will feature a blog from one of the students that will highlight Towson, their time at the University, their career path, or general interests.

Inside the Towson Chamber: Tervorish Little

The first day inside of the Towson Chambers of Commerce… and I am nervous to see how office life  can transform from being calm and collective to manic and busy, as we inch closer to event dates. My first task, is to brainstorm tactics to increase awareness about Towson Chambers Of Commerce on Towson University’s campus. Before we discuss that, lets glance at the environment.

The office space is much more relaxing than expected. We, the interns sit at a large table, with the comfiest chairs, while working on our projects. For some of us this is our first internship (Myself included), and we are anticipating the first-hand experiences of working at an actual business, that manages other businesses in the County. The servant leaders inside of us are ready to be enable and initiate our drive.

Emma and Nancy, I noticed, are talented because they specialize in delivering extraordinary service and it trails throughout the Chamber. Even though, it was the first day, us interns were put to work on educating projects. Interacting with their charisma, made us pour effort into our specified task. All of the workers that we met, smile and greeted us as we worked… and smiles are contagious, you know.

A list always works, so I created a list noting routes we can take to bring the Chamber and Towson University’s student body together. I noted the visuals of the commerce could be more emerging with the aid of a videographer and more outlandish moments. The list was a little extensive, but the more ideas while brainstorming, the better. Right now is only the beginning, yet we are eager to unravel the events and put our helping hands to use. I am excited.

From this experience, I expect to gain business-field intelligence and boost my skills as a servant leader. Being able to work inside business hotspot will give me all the hands-on tools and knowledge to be a leader to my community. Since I hail from Baltimore City, I can implement the techniques I learn at Towson University and the from the leaders of Towson Chambers of Commerce to enrich my city’s up-and-coming millennial businesses. Submerging myself into the commerce will boost my overall skills as a leader by being transformational, respectful, hands-on, and by demonstrating integrity.

I love the creative arts, such as fashion, music, acting… anything that is a form of creative expression I encourage the focus on it. Combing my love for arts and business may seem capitalist, however, its how I give back to my community that matters and keeping an ongoing line of encouragement to those that look up to me.

I am at Towson University to assist the communities I exist inside and succeed as a leader in today and tomorrow’s society… also, because its close to my home.

Chamber Side note —–The chamber homes two of the most welcoming dogs; at the same time, relaxed, inside the office! Does it get any better than that?


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