TU Student Blog: Becoming a Towson Tiger

In the spring semester, students from Carol Norton’s Leadership in Communication class at Towson University join the Towson Chamber to assist us with the planning and promotion of our events and the chamber. This year, we wanted to give the students a voice, as growing leaders in our community. Each week, we will feature a blog from one of the students that will highlight Towson, their time at the University, their career path, or general interests.

Becoming a Towson Tiger by Kyle Vickers

Life as a student is typically rife with both challenges, and the expectations of others and ourselves to overcome those challenges. One such challenge, which is often a stepping stone on the quest to obtain a degree, is choosing a college or university to attend. Choosing a university often involves weighing pros and cons, such as having a short travel time but needing to deal with a fleet of cars trying to park at the same time every day. Something of significant importance to me in the decision making process was that whatever university or college I attended needed to make me feel like I belonged.

My reasoning is that being part of a Navy family can sometimes mean having a hard time establishing identity. After all, I grew up in three different states, so does that make me a combination of all three, or do I identify with the place I’ve lived the longest? For me, finding the university I wanted to attend carried a sense of finality to it, like it was the final stretch of a road needing to be walked before another path could be started. Eventually, I made the decision to become a Towson Tiger. However, what the university had to offer wasn’t entirely what made me choose to come here. Towson felt right, like I’d reached the end of a long and winding trail.

I remember the first time I came to Towson was when I visited a friend who at the time worked for Bully Entertainment. I frequented Annapolis, and had been to Baltimore occasionally while growing up in Maryland, but none of those places made me feel very interested in exploring their history what they were like as modern cities. Towson made me feel like looking around each corner, and discovering what made up the city’s identity. Eventually I came to a realization while I’d perused one of Towson’s streets, I wanted to be here.

Not many other places in Maryland had managed to make me feel like I had found a home since moving. Towson was like the best of both worlds, in a way. I had managed to find a place to continue my education, and also recreate my self-identity. Although being a Towson Tiger doesn’t mean there are no more challenges left to be had, I look at them with a new perspective.

For me, Towson is a place where I learned to re-discover myself after struggling to discern who I was as a person. It’s where I’m finishing my education and growing as an individual. Towson, to me, is a place of self-discovery.



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