Towson University and SECU celebrate first year of partnership


It was impossible not to see the pride on the face of Towson University women’s basketball head coach Niki Reid Geckeler on Friday, Jan. 24 at SECU Arena. But this time, Coach Geckeler wasn’t gazing at her team winning a close game on the court. Instead, she was sitting at a table with university colleagues, watching a video about the first full year of the continuing partnership between the university and SECU displayed on the scoreboard screen during a luncheon celebrating the arena naming rights decision.


Geckeler’s pride was equally evident when Towson Interim President Timothy J.L. Chandler stepped to the podium a few moments later.


“When it came to naming this arena, we were selective about who we were willing to put atop our building and link arms with,” Chandler said. “We knew we wanted a true community partner–but not in name only. We wanted a partner in action, with shared focus and value in serving the community. SECU has a record and reputation for community involvement, scholastic and financial education, and support of many organizations and causes that precede its relationship with Towson. And we took note.


“In these tough economic times, as we face severe cuts from the state and USM, I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on the budgetary implications of this naming partnership,” Chandler added. “Aside from helping us meeting fundraising goals, it financially enables us to support athletics in a state-of-the-art facility that keeps our student-athletes competitive and reflects the excellence we expect from them in the classroom and on the court.


“Today is about celebrating accomplishments thus far—but also discussing and exploring where and how we can take this partnership to its next level,” he concluded.


Chandler was joined at the podium Friday by SECU Chief Executive Officer Rod Staatz.


“When Towson University approached SECU last year, we decided to become involved in the partnership not only to raise awareness of SECU, but really  because it gives us the opportunity to have an impact on the financial future of young adults,” Staatz said. “We are strong advocates of financial education, and it’s so important for these young people to partner with an institution that wants to help them become financially responsible and strong before they might make mistakes that impact them for years down the road. We want them to face their independence with a clean financial slate.


“The partnership has been a strong one,” Staatz added, “and will continue to grow even stronger.”


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